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About Us

The Alliance of California Judges was formed on September 11, 2009, in response to the unprecedented financial crisis now facing our judicial branch. We are a new organization of judges in the State who will be a meaningful voice to independently advocate and communicate on behalf of judges with the public, media, and Executive and Legislative branches. We will offer positive and constructive comment upon state-wide court management and budgeting. Centralized court financial management and facilities ownership was conceived to address funding inequities, but it was proposed at a time when the state was seen as a relatively stable and (perhaps) inexhaustible supply of money. Our organization hopes to restore a greater sense of consensus and shared purpose within the California judiciary. Our organization does not stand in opposition to any existing judicial group. We are not advocating any ultimate budget outcome for our courts. We are urging reaffirmation of the primacy of local court management set out in Government Code section 77001, and full participation of our local courts in the critical budget and management decisions our courts are facing. Many of the reasons for the Alliance are detailed in a White Paper which you will find in the Information section of this website.

Our Mission Statement:

Recognizing that as judges we are responsible to the public we have sworn to serve, we are committed to the following principles:

  • To ensure that our courts remain open and accessible
  • To ensure accountable local management of the California courts
  • To guarantee financial responsibility
  • To minimize statewide bureaucracy
  • To ensure a strong preference for local flexibility in the conduct of court affairs


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