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AOC Admits to Lobbyiing Against CCMS Audit
The Recorder, February 11, 2010

Reporter Cheryl Miller, writing forThe Recorder, uncovered that the AOC is actively lobbying against an audit of monies spent on CCMS.

According to Miller, "Curtis Child,director of the AOC's Office of Governmental Affairs, confirmed Wednesday that he and other AOC staffershave tried to persuade members of the Joint Legislative Committee that further scrutiny of plans for the controversial computer network is unnecessary."

Assemblywoman BonnieLowenthal who requested the audit expressed her concern, "You'd think that would be a redflag to the committee."

The Recorder article quotes Sacramento Judge Maryanne Gilliard an ACJ Director, "It is troubling to think that the Judicial Council/AOCstaff would be urginglegislators, behind the scenes, to oppose an independent and fair audit of the problematic and horrifically expensive California Case Management System. One would hope and expect the judicial branch to welcome and embrace efforts to shine the llight of truthon this matter."

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