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The Recorder Reports on Alliance Response to Judicial Council Directive

"Court Finds Ally in Spat With AOC," writes Cheryl Miller of The Recorder, in a May 25 article.  She writes, "The Alliance of California Judges has called on the Judicial Council to rescind a recent committee order forbidding the Sacramento County Superior Court from disconnecting from a remote computer network server."  The Alliance letter to the Judicial Council clearly states their organization's perspective on local court operational autonomy, "Reasonable minds may differ regarding the wisdom of connecting to a server in Arizona rather than hosting a court's own data on site...But surely every judge in the state can see the danger in allowing an arm of the Judicial Council, in excess of its statutory and constitutional authority, to dictate how our local courts are to manage their operations."  
Ms. Miller writes that the California Judges Association, another professional judicial association in California, will "meet Thursday to discuss the issue."  The California Judges Association led by President Michael Vicencia has not yet addressed the Judicial Council's May 11 directive to Sacramento Court Presiding Judge Steve White that was issued in a letter from Justice Richard Huffman on behalf of the Judicial Council.  The Alliance has requested that the California Judges Association join them in condemning the recent Judicial Council order, in as much as, "trial courts have constitutional and statutory autonomy."   


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